Hi hello. I’m Steph. I write about doubt and faith, because I believe they work best together. I love Jesus, my family, tacos, and the internet. And sometimes I don’t, because that’s the way it is, ya know?

People aren’t always one thing at a time, or forever, or even at all. But I refuse to accept that our near constant state of paradox necessitates a constant state of panic. That’s where The Paradox Paper started—from my belief that we can learn to live in paradox without panic.

When? (and a little more what)

Each new edition comes out on the last Friday of every month, and features four sections: Play (the Fun Stuff), Pain (the Not Fun Stuff), Pondering (stuff we wonder about), and Prayer (stuff we can say to God).

Every second Friday of the month (ish) The Good Nonsense thread goes out, where we share our favorite things of the week. Because sometimes I want to wax poetic about Ted Lasso AND be introduced to your most hilarious TikToks.

How Much?

The Paradox Paper and her immature younger sister The Good Nonsense are both available to read for zero dollars.

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